Moving List for your iPhone & iPod

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Are you getting ready to move into a new home? Get organized with this great Moving List App. Your planning will be a snap, so you can get down to enjoying your new digs!

Whether you're hiring a moving company or enlisting friends to carry your boxes, use our pre-populated To-Do List tasks to get an idea of when you should get your boxes, packing tape and other moving supplies (4-6 weeks ahead), contact your utilities to schedule your disconnect of service (2-3 weeks ahead), unplug all your electronics (24 hours ahead) and more. Then customize the list to suit your particular move by deleting tasks that aren't for you, and adding new ones you need to do. And stay on top of things and relaxed, as you check each task off your list.

Task categories include: DIY (Do It Yourself), Friends & family, Goodbyes, Job Relocation, Movers, New Address, Packing, Transport, and Other.

-95 pre-populated To-Do List task items to get you started
-Add your own items
-Edit and track existing items
-Organize tasks by category or due date
-Bonus feature: Packing Decider to help with those crucial decisions. It's just for fun, but comes in handy if you can't figure out whether it's time to dump that ol' comfy recliner chair, or bring it along to make your new house feel like home.

My Baby List

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